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Howl’s Moving Castle Book Review

100-Day Challenge – Post #14

Howls-Moving-Castle Ahhh, I finished reading Howl’s Moving Castle book yesterday, and now I want to write a short review for it. Well, I liked the book, but it didn’t hit me as much as the movie did. The book was fun to read. I just didn’t feel the romance between Howl and Sophie, though it’s slightly hinted throughout the book. At the end, Howl even says to Sophie that they should live happily ever after, which is cute. But I mean… the book is really… hmm… I’m not sure. You’d have to read it yourself lol But the romance isn’t fluffed up, the drama just suddenly happens, and a bunch of elements randomly come together. Everything just sorta comes together at the end. I love the arguments between Sophie and Howl, though. The writing is unique as well (R.I.P. Diana Wynne Jones). I think Jones made it so that readers can come to their own conclusions. Maybe there were a lot of symbols and such in the book just like in the movie. Continue reading Howl’s Moving Castle Book Review