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Category: 2014 Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji Manga Chapter Reviews

Black Butler 100: That Butler, Escape

Black Butler 100 Review!

Woohoo! We’re here at the 100th chapter of Kuroshitsuji!

If you want to discuss anything about Kuroshitsuji, visit Oro Jackson and join this discussion!

To commemorate the 100th chapter, Yana created a wonderful cover:

Black Butler has been going on for a while now, and I have a feeling it’s going to wrap up in the next year or two. Since we get a chapter each month, that’s 12 chapters next year. I think we’ll be entering our final arc after the witch village one has finished up!

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Black Butler 99.5 Side Story Review

Black Butler 99.5 Side Story Review!

(If you haven’t read it yet, here’s the link to Black Butler 99.5 side story!) Haven’t been updating my blog for a while, but I’ve been on holiday vacation and just being busy with other things in my life. ^_^ But now I have some time to update my blog! I’ve missed it! Let’s start off with a Black Butler review.

I wasn’t expecting anything special with Black Butler this month, but we got an extra chapter! ^_^ It’s a side story about Ciel’s past, and we get to see more of Vincent and Diedrich in this side story.

The story starts out with Ciel recognizing a recipe for some type of soup that he, his dad, and Diedrich made for Ciel’s mother, who was ill at the time. And that’s what jumpstarts the walk down memory lane.

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Black Butler 99: That Butler, Frenzy

100-Day Challenge – Post # 61

Black Butler 99 Review!

Erm… hello, folks. I haven’t been here for a while, huh? It’s been five days since my last post, and I’ve been WAY behind on blog posts for my 100-day challenge. November is coming to an end, so I gotta get back on track. I’ve been swamped with work and personal goals of mine, so I took the day off today to get other areas in my life in order, including my blog. It’s been a crazy week, but I’m reorganizing and getting back on track.

So, last week, we had Black Butler 99 come out! And I LOVE the magazine’s cover page. It’s amazing. I love seeing Double Charles colored! They’re lovely looking, eh? 😀

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Black Butler 98: That Butler, Response

100-Day Challenge – Post #31

Black Butler 98 Review!

For the first time ever, I think, I’m not all that impressed with the cover page for Black Butler 98. So I won’t feature it in this post today. But it does show that Ciel and Sebastian are back in action!

This chapter wasn’t really exciting as the previous chapters, but that’s probably because everything has hit the fan. So many answers and surprising discoveries have been revealed in chapter 98.

The chapter starts off with Wolfram waking up due to the emergency alarm going off, and he finds Sieglinde not in her room! Oops, panic, panic, panic. Poor Sieglinde, though. She just found out she made poisonous gas that’s going to kill people, and you can totally see her innocence here. It’s sad to see it shattered and be betrayed by everyone around you. I think she feels super alone right now and completely… shocked? No, not the right word. Traumatized? I don’t know, but it’s not good. Poor thing.

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Black Butler 97: That Butler, Curiosity

My review of Black Butler 97!

Please support Black Asylum – these guys are the ones that translate the manga for us each month, so definitely check them out at 🙂

Every month is such a treat whenever Kuroshitsuji comes out with a new chapter. ^_^ Finally, the witch village arc is moving along, and there seems to be major, major plots going on, thanks to Ciel and Sebastian revealing the truth about the village in this chapter. But I have to address the eerie, creepy, and super awesome magazine cover for GF this month. It’s amazing!

Black-Butler-Kuroshitsuji-97-GF-Magazine-Cover-Ciel-Sebastian-SieglindeAnd, of course, the chapter’s cover page itself is… very symbolic, I think. Sieglinde entering one of those witch torturing devices? Well, considering that this chapter made her completely aware of all the lies that everyone has been feeding her, the cover page is quite suitable for the events that unfold. She has such an innocent, unknowing expression on the cover page. A black crow peeking down at her at the top of the torturing device is a really obvious symbol and foreshadowing. We’re dealing with a fantasy manga here that has Shinigami, demons, and all kinds of freaks. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yana included common superstitions. Continue reading Black Butler 97: That Butler, Curiosity

Black Butler 96.5: Book of Circus Side Story

My review on Black Butler 96.5!

I wasn’t expecting anything from Yana for a couple of weeks, but the other day, I saw a side story for Black Butler :O I was totally floored and had to stop everything just to read it. It’s such a cute side story, but it makes me sad. Just to give you a background, this story is about the main circus troupe members before they met Kelvin. It’s cute, it’s innocent, and it really shows the love everyone has for each other. They also had times where they had fun and found moments of happiness here and there.

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Black Butler 96: That Butler, Encouragement

My review on Black Butler 96!

Of course, I always have to start off my Black Butler review posts by featuring the cover page. They’re always lovely and beautifully-drawn. I think the title for Black Butler 96 means that Ciel and Sebastian encourage Sieglinde to come with them. But, they’re not encouraging types, so luring is a better word for these conniving mongrels.

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Black Butler 95: That Butler, Disappointed

My review on Black Butler 95!

Oh, YES! Ciel, you little crybaby, you’re finally back to your bitchy self! And I love it! Well, I was suspecting Yana to bring Ciel back to normal, anyway, so it wasn’t that surprising. Kuroshitsuji isn’t the same without cold Ciel and sadistic Sebastian. Again, I loved this chapter so much, just like every other damn chapter Yana publishes. The artwork in this chapter was phenomenal, and it was similar to the chessboard scene. Ah, Black Butler is like sweets to me – addicted to it!

So, first, I want to discuss the cover page. I think the title and the subtitle of this chapter was simply describing how Sebastian didn’t get to eat Ciel’s soul, but I absolutely love the cover page, so I have to feature it here.


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Black Butler 94: That Butler, Enraged

My review on Black Butler 94!


This chapter of Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji was quite interesting; it sort of changed the pace of the story and plot because Sebastian was very pissed off at Ciel and even lost his butler composure. But before we go into that, I gotta say, the cover page is stunning. I love that both Ciel and Sieglinde are on the cover page because they’re similar to each other. Both of them are vulnerable and hurting right now, as we see in the previous chapters and this chapter, and the phrases on the front sort of fit the image and what’s going on with Ciel and Sieglinde. I love the artwork!

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Black Butler 93: The Butler, Descent

My Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji 93 Review!

Okay, so, I just gotta fangirl a moment… Seriously, BB is one of my favorite manga, and I just love when it comes out! The artwork is amazing, and I just love the characters. It’s a unique manga ^_^ But I wasn’t very… sure how to take in this chapter. I just wasn’t ready for what was presented, and I also sorta don’t want something to happen… but I’ll discuss that later. So! First up is the cover page for this month’s chapter of Black Butler. I’m confused — is the person on the left Ciel? It oddly doesn’t look like Ciel. I mean, the eyes are covered, the hair is different… something just seems different. The person even looks a bit taller. Also, the curtains behind Ciel and Sebastian… I wonder what that means? Is there “act” about to be over because of Ciel? Something seems weird about this cover… Something that seems like a hint. There’s that whole “Past and Present, Passing Each Other.” Hmmm… I wonder if it’s referring to the two Ciels in this chapter? Goodness. There’s just so many more mysteries now. I seriously think Yana wants to play with our minds. There are answers, but then there are more mysteries. I’m wondering if this arc is just a cover up for something even bigger that Yana will tell us about? Hmmm. Interesting. 


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