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Category: Anime/Manga Character Pairings

Character Pairing: Howl and Sophie

100-Day Challenge – Post #37

It’s been crazy lately… didn’t get time to write my posts this weekend, so I missed two days. But I’m making it up now! I’m definitely going to get 100 posts or more by the end of the year.

I know I’ve mentioned Howl’s Moving Castle several times already on the blog, but I was just browsing through my Pinterest and found a lovely image of Howl and Sophie:

How incredible is this? It’s by aiki-ame on deviantART. I absolutely adore this image of Howl and Sophie, so I decided to feature them as the anime movie couple pairing of the day!

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Bleach Character Pairing: Nel And Nnoitra

100-Day Challenge – Post #22

Today, I want to talk about another character pairing I seriously love: Nel and Nnoitra! Though Nnoitra doesn’t like Nel and Nel could give two shits about Nnoitra, I think they would have an awesome relationship if they were lovers. Just like Ulquihime, Nel and Nnoitra are the opposites-attract type. Nnoitra seems like the tsundere type, or at least my fangirl imagination thinks so. I also like Nel and Nnoitra’s look: They look really good together!

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Manga Character Pairing: Ulquihime

100-Day Challenge – Post #8

Damn, I almost forgot about today’s post! It’s been crazy here already, and it’s only Tuesday! So, since it’s getting late over here, I’ll have to make this post short and sweet. I want to share one of my favorite anime/manga pairings: Ulquihime. Seriously… Too. Cute. This is probably the only time I really like Orihime because I can’t stand her “Kurosaki-kun!” and super annoying personality sometimes.

UlquihimeSo, why do I like this pairing? Thanks for asking! I love this pairing, actually, and it’s because Ulquiorra and Orihime are complete opposites, but they balance each other out. Orihime is oozing with love, kindness, and affection, and Ulquiorra’s death aspect is emptiness… So she’s more than enough to fill him up. She can show him what he’s missing, basically, and I love that. I wish Ulquiorra didn’t have to die. I hope he comes back in the manga… perhaps… as a human? 😛 Continue reading Manga Character Pairing: Ulquihime