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About Me


You’ve been invited to a lively manga partay! Just a lover of manga and anime and wanting to express my thoughts and imagination. Name’s Emily. I love to share my thoughts about countless manga stories and series, from Naruto to Skip Beat, hence this awesome (subjective view!) blog.

From my own Naruto fanfic to my personal analysis of manga chapters, you’ll find all sorts of random, silly, insightful, inquisitive, impulsive, meaningless, nonsensical, and wtf-this-chick’s-weird posts on this blog. I live a semi-serious life (you know, work a.k.a. necessary evil but I love that dough, even if it ain’t cookie) and love to balance it with oodles of fun, doing what I love, ♥ being with the person I love (hi honey!) ♥, and thinking of posts to write about. My blog is growing gradually, and I plan to add more to this blog, so I hope you enjoy your stay and continue visiting.

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I’m also on Oro Jackson as Nekomori. Join this community if you’re a One Piece fan! 😀

I have an account on My Anime List, too, and I’m a columnist there:

Thanks for reading! 🙂


  1. Luke Luke

    Nice blog Neko-hime chan :p

    • Emily Emily

      Mwahahahaha Why, thank you, Luke! 😛

      • Luke Luke

        You’re welcome and nice name :p

        OH YEAH!!!

  2. mohit verma mohit verma

    oh nice blog
    i never knew that u had a one 😉

    • Emily Emily

      mwahaha Thanks!

      Ya, I do. 😛

  3. Slithdaddy 8D Slithdaddy 8D

    Nice blog Neko-chan! 8D

    • Emily Emily

      😀 Thanks, other me! xD Slithdaddy… lol! That’s hilarious.

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