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Month: August 2016

One Piece SBS 82: Worst Generation Hobbies

One Piece SBS 82: The Hobbies of the Worst Generation Pirates

I’m a moderator at Oro Jackson, the best One Piece Community around, and I wanted to share an SBS that my buddies Micchan and Divvens helped provide to the community. You can find the entire translated SBS here: 

I’m going to be selective here and talk about the page that reveals the hobbies of the Worst Generation, and the ones I want to note here are Law’s, Drake’s, Urouge’s, and Blackbeard’s. I mean… wow. I wasn’t expecting some of these! 

Trafalgar D. Water Law’s Hobbies

Oda says that Law’s hobbies are vagrancy and collecting commemorative coins. These… are strange hobbies for Law, frankly. I wasn’t expecting this. I mean, WTF VAGRANCY?! Where does that even come from?! How do you make homelessness a hobby? How? What thrills does he get from it? I hope we see this in the manga some time cos I think it’s hilarious as hell.

X-Drake’s Hobbies

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One Piece Feature: Kaido’s Drunk Personas

One Piece Scandal: Kaido Gets Drunk

Well, leave it to Oda to give a beastly character like Kaido a bunch of hilarious quirks, which are oddly quite fitting for him. In One Piece Chapter 824 (“Little Pirate Games”), Kaido reveals that he’s got multiple personalities when he’s been sippin’ too much sake…

Drunk Personality #1: The Sentimental Drunk

So… here we have Kaido crying over the fact that he can’t have an all-Devil-Fruit crew because Joker’s been taken out. I mean, this guy is bawling here, and I’m pretty sure the sake has tickled his tear ducts and got him crying in such a state. It’s quite funny that Kaido’s getting emotional over his unrealized “dream” of having a complete Devil Fruit User crew xD I think it kinda shows a childish side to him. I also love reading his men’s thoughts. “I guess today he’s being a sentimental drunk.” That indicates they know all his drunk “sides” and can tell when he’s in one of these moods xD It’s amusing. 


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One Piece: Kaido’s Reveal!

I’m totally late to the party, but I’m so ready to talk about one of the Yonko in One Piece! First off, I wasn’t expecting Kaido to be revealed so soon. And so epically. But, hey, we’re talking about Oda here, and he has surprised me and many other OP fans countless times. Let me reiterate what Oda said about Kaido here:

“The man was looking for a place to die… And, if I were to tell you about him, he is a pirate that has tasted defeat 7 times and has been captured by the navy and his enemies over 18 times! A man that has lived through countless torture and was a fugitive on the run… Now, he attempts to take his own life… in a way that is still rather rare in his own world… suicide by jumping from Sorajima…

And, now… Let me tell you once more: A man that has been captured all sorts 18 times and survived 10,000 kinds of torture. Having the death sentence handed to him 40 times. But every time he was to be hung, the rope snapped on him. And, even as he is put under the guillotine, the blade mysteriously breaks into pieces… Spears break when he is stabbed, and he has sunk at least 9 gigantic prison ships the whole time he was there. 

What I’m trying to say is… Nobody… could kill this man!!! And he himself… find it amusing that to the point that suicide is a hobby! 

The man’s name is…


People always said, if you wanted to pick a fight, do it with Kaido… Because among all the living, be it land, sea or air… He’s said to be the strongest pirate alive!!”

Hello, world, please meet Kaido, the man who will destroy you if you wear your feather cape in an unacceptable manner:

What I’ll be discussing in this post:

  2. Kaido’s Declaration of War (And Sayonara Kid Alliance…! Still Love Ya, Just Don’t Tell Kaido Cos I Kinda Love Him, Too)
  3. Little. Pirate. Games. 
  4. His Connection to Wano Kuni – No, It’s Not Because He Loves Sake. He Loves Oden… (Too Soon?) 

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Goodbye, Bleach.


Naruto has ended. Now it’s time for Bleach to say its goodbyes to the manga world.

Not that I cared much for the series anyway, especially in this last arc. I mean, really… What was Kubo thinking? I don’t even want to know cos I see it in the last arc.

I’m rather disappointed. Bleach and Naruto both had rushed endings. I would have liked to learn more about some characters, like Isshin, Ryuuken, and even Uryu. I wanted to see what they did during those 10 years. Ryuuken never spoke much, but I really wanted to learn more about him (mostly cos I had a rather, er, fangirl crush on him). Chad… well, that was a surprise, but I guess it’s a good ending for him, too. He looked even more chiseled and dashingly handsome xD Bwahaha, gotta give props to Kubo’s artwork. Loved it, even until the end.

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